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Belize welcomes growth in visitor arrivals in early 2017
Belize has seen its overnight European tourism arrivals between January-June 2017 increase by 9.1 per cent year on year, registering a positive trend for the first half of this year and demonstrating a steady growth for tourism numbers.

The latest statistics indicate that April has seen the highest level of growth, with overnight arrivals increasing by 24.2 per cent year on year, compared to April 2016, closely followed by the month of June with a ten per cent growth year on year.

Over the past five years, overnight arrivals in June have rivalled January figures, which is Belize’s high season.

This suggests that the traditional high season period is expanding across to be more throughout the year.

The latest statistics provide a very positive outlook for tourism arrivals for the remainder of 2017.

It also demonstrates that Belize is a growing, viable and attractive tourism destination to an increasing number of travellers, while positioning itself as a must visit destination.


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