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xit tourism: Pound slump fuels surge in foreign visitor spending in UK over Christmas period
The beaten-up pound fuelled a surge in Brexit tourism to the UK over Christmas, according to figures published by Worldpay on Friday.

Foreign visitors spent more than £725m in British shops during December, according to the payments processor, leading to a 22 per cent swell in spending on foreign cards in the country during the month.

UK Christmas shoppers splashed out an extra £500m on groceries
Worldpay says that this translates into a £130m increase over the same period last year in total spending on non-UK cards at retailers.

The pound has endured a battering since Juneís shock Brexit vote, depreciating around 18 per cent since the referendum. As a result, tourists who earn a living in other currencies have in effect been able to buy British goods at much lower prices than if sterling had remained stable.

High-end boutiques and department stores in Londonís West End proved particularly popular destinations for bargain hunters, with foreign spending there up 35 per cent on the 2015 figure.


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