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The Age-Old Question: What Do I Pack for an African Safari?
Any new adventure you decide to embark on, one of the top concerns is knowing what in the world to bring with you! Whatís important? Whatís useless? Whatís the one thing youíd never think about but is absolutely necessary?
Each of Ntaba African Safarisí clients are provided with a detailed packing list, among other helpful bits well before their departure. But, letís whet your travel appetite with a taste of what youíll be bringing!
Beyond the lists, the company has some great overall advice:
All in all, keep in mind to be conservative and smart with what you choose to haul across the world with you. Do some research of your own to make you more prepared and confident about what to expect. Reference other blogs if thatís your thing. Or, just stick to our list once youíve booked with Ntaba African Safaris. We will steer you in the right direction ó itís what we do!
To read the full blog post from Ntaba African Safaris, click here.


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