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TraveLibro: A travel social network that captures live journeys

MUMBAI - Whether a luxury traveller, a backpacker, a budget-traveller, or any other kind, the world is your oyster. TraveLibro, a unique and complete travel and social networking portal, caters to the needs of the discerning and new-age traveller striving to satiate the wanderlust, in its users. TraveLibro is the only home-grown portal of its kind, which aims to connect every kind of traveller, from local to global.

With the newly-launched app, travellers can capture precious moments, share their journeys and experiences with their loved ones and fellow travellers. It is easily available for free download on Google Play and iOS platforms. The app is a wonderful way to connect with each other, capture, save, share, and cherish travel memories.

TraveLibro has 50,000 unique visitors from across the globe each month; the number is steadily on the rise. A home-grown social networking site for the globe-trotter, TraveLibro is traveller's slice of the world... from bucket list to a suitcase full of memories.

Browse through 80 countries, specially-curated must-dos and over 1,500 unique itineraries created by the in-house experts that offer great insight on where one can indulge in.

One can plan their next holiday using the three-step simple planner or by browsing through another traveller's journey. Browse through distinctive must-dos, more than 10,000 hotels and over 35,000 restaurants mentioned for about 1,200 destinations.

Travellers can book almost everything for their holiday, choosing from flights, hotels, car hire, homestays, tours and excursions, and parking space listed on the portal along with trusted partners such as agoda.com, Homestay.com, Skyscanner, Parkvia, Viator, and more.

The search for a good travel agent ends here. One can choose from an exhaustive list at TraveLibro. Browse through over 500 of the best travel agents listed with us.

One can also track their travel experience with simple check-ins, picture uploads and status messages. As one explores new destinations, the 'On-The-Go' app feature helps auto-create a beautiful travel timeline of their journey, which can be posted on a shared timeline where their loved ones can see them in real time as well as share theirs.

Imagine looking through old memories captured in pictures and sharing them with your grandchildren? With TraveLibro, one can create their travel diary by documenting their travel journey in every way - their favourite city, country, the most exotic destination they travelled to, the most unusual cuisine they tasted, and more, all in this personal travel diary. It's a great way to relive those treasured times and share interesting anecdotes about those moments with your loved ones.

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