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Hotels fail to meet needs of one of fastest growing sectors
A report commissioned by Amadeus into 'Halal Travel 2016' highlighted the influence of women in halal travel arrangements but added that many hotels failed to meet the prayer and dining requirements.

It added that limited dining options were often an issue for halal travellers.

Presented to the Arabian Travel Market, the report was to see the needs and expectations of halal travellers - a group with tourism numbers expected to hit 150 million by 2020.

Recent figures have shown that the halal tourism sector was valued at $145 billion in 2014, and is one of the fastest growing travel segments in the world, growing at 4.8% against the industry average of 3.8%

Antoine Medawar, vice president Middle East and North Africa, at Amadeus, said: "Halal travellers are a demographic that represents a powerful opportunity. This is a group of individuals and families that have certain unique requirements of their destinations and travel service offering.

"The Amadeus-commissioned Halal Travel 2016 study uncovers some of the key areas that the industry can work with this segment on, as well as some of the additional offerings that will serve to enhance the customer's travel experience, and thereby lead to higher spending".


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