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Airports meet the EU Transport Commissioner to discuss the EU aviation package
BRUSSELS - As the finishing touches are being put to the EU’s landmark Aviation Package, Augustin de Romanet, President of ACI Europe and President & CEO of Aeroports de Paris, met with Violeta Bulc, the EU Transport Commissioner. He was accompanied by Arnaud Feist, CEO of Brussels Airport and Armando Brunini, CEO of Aeroporto di Napoli – both members of the Board of ACI Europe.

With the Aviation Package, the European Commission intends to propose a comprehensive strategy aimed at boosting the competitiveness of European aviation and optimising its role as an enabler of economic growth and job creation. The formal adoption of the Package is currently planned for December.

The 3 CEOs restated their support for the initiative and thanked Commissioner Bulc for her leadership in ensuring that the Aviation Package is amongst the 23 priorities of the Junker Commission for jobs, growth and investment. They stressed the strategic relevance of air connectivity for the EU economy – especially within the context of Europe’s increasing dependence on external trade and foreign direct investment: +10% increase in connectivity is associated with +0.5% increase in GDP per capita.

They also underlined that Europe still needs to embrace the strategic relevance of aviation. Prominent emerging economies have already made the link, actively supporting air connectivity with aviation growth being part of their economic development policies. In Europe, the lack of political support for aviation and unaligned regulatory intervention is hampering the development of air connectivity and creating a widening competitive deficit for the European aviation sector. This threatens our global hub positioning and ultimately, the competitiveness of the European economy.

Augustin de Romanet said “The Aviation Package is a unique opportunity to reset aviation policy with a strong focus on connectivity, consumers and the economy. The issues that need to be addressed are many, starting from our license to grow and the looming airport capacity crunch. They also include scrapping heavy and unfair national aviation taxes, securing access to emerging markets through Open Skies, delivering the Single European Sky and reducing regulatory cost inefficiencies – in particular within aviation security.”

He added “All these issues have an impact on our competitiveness and they all require concerted action between EU and national levels. To be bold and actually stand a chance of success, the Aviation Package should not just be about what the Commission can do – it should also be about what Member States will need to do at home to ensure policy alignment in support of connectivity.” - See more at: http://www.traveldailynews.com/news/article/68562/airports-meet-the-eu-transport#.dpuf


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