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Gatwick Airport offers 'guarantee' for connecting flights
Gatwick airport has launched a service that allows travellers to book combinations of low-cost flights protected against delays and cancellations, with budget and full-service combinations expected to become available in the future.
For a fee of £27.50 per person per way, “GatwickConnects” promises that if an inbound flight is delayed or cancelled, and a passenger subsequently misses an outbound flight, the airport will book them on the next available departure to their final destination, at no extra cost. Hotel accommodation and food will also be provided if necessary.

The aim is to provide financial peace of mind to passengers booking connecting flights with one or more different carriers, and offer the same level of protection as those who book through journeys via a connecting hub with a full-service carrier.
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Gatwick also claimed that the service will allow passengers to access fully-protected flights more cheaply. It said that up until now the cheapest Jersey to Fort Lauderdale flight with guarantees against delays and cancellations would cost £1,116 per person, whereas using a low-cost carrier protected by GatwickConnects, the journey could be done for £240, a saving of £876.


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