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Most expensive countries for car hire in Europe revealed
Portugal is the most expensive country in Europe to hire a car, according to new research.
More than one in five British holidaymakers is planning to hire a car on the Continent this summer, thanks to the strong pound and the prospect of cheap petrol at the pump, says the Post Office.
The travel currency arm of the Post Office has released its annual Car Rental Report, which says that the costs travellers encounter for a week's rental varies greatly across Europe. It shows that it costs £553 to hire a car for a week in Faro, Portugal, including 40 litres of unleaded petrol, an additional driver and sat nav hire, and only £248 for the same in Copenhagen, Denmark.
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Croatia was second most expensive destination (£547), followed by France (£447). Germany was the second cheapest (£264), followed by the Netherlands (£277).

The cost of car hire in Europe
Denmark 248 459 66
Germany 264 691 109
Netherlands 277 731 85
Cyprus 278 523 61
Turkey 279 292 50
Malta 280 645 98
Belgium 289 628 100
Sweden 314 549 60
Spain 320 798 94
Austria 337 633 89
Greece 385 599 84
Ireland 388 940 90
Italy 388 946 131
Norway 396 651 74
Switzerland 399 1,270 102
Majorca 415 800 104
France 447 589 86
Croatia 547 549 76
Portugal 553 794 90
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The report said that of the 2,000 adults surveyed who had hired cars abroad, half had done so in Spain, where a week’s rental costs £355 in Malaga and £415 in Majorca.
The report also urged holiday drivers not to cut corners on car rental by neglecting to purchase excess waiver insurance (EWI) that reduces the excess payable for accidents or theft to zero. The Post Office said half of UK drivers failed to take the optional extra.
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The potential excess costs renters could incur in the case of an accident or theft varies across the Continent, with those hiring in Switzerland staring down the barrel of a £1,270 bill – a fee that could be prevented by paying £102 for additional insurance, which also covers tyre and windscreen cover. The figures are an average of the three car hire companies in each country.
Those hiring in Turkey face the lowest excess payment, of just £292, while Spanish tourists could end up paying £798. The cost of the additional cover in the respective countries is £50 and £94.



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