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‘Call me your highness': Bizarre guest requests hotels
From a Twilight fan requesting blackout curtains to block out the sunlight to a man requesting a member of staff tuck him into bed, no two days are the same for hotel staff, it seems.

Thousands of them have been surveyed about their more bizarre room service requests.

And the new national research has shown that they're plagued by them.

A spokesperson for LateRooms, who conducted the research, said: 'Some of the room service tales our hotel partners told us about are unpredictable to say the least.

'One of our hotels once had a gentleman call room service at 3am and demand they source and deliver to his room a McDonald's Happy Meal. Another insisted that with his daily wake-up call hotel staff read him his horoscope for the day.

'And then there was the guest who demanded he be locked into his room to stop him sleepwalking around the hotel during the night.'

One man called room service to insist that a framed print of white tigers was sourced as a matter of urgency then fixed on the wall above his bed. It didn't stop there. He then added an order of Haribo sweets to his unexpected room service mandate.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg, according to the survey of 8,000 UK hotels.

A female hotel guest checked into her room and then called room service to plead that a member of staff should stay all night in an adjacent room with an adjoining door, and that the door should be left open throughout the hours of darkness.

The reason given was that she was terrified of ghosts.

One gentleman, an aficionado of the fictional vampire movie franchise Twilight, requested that blackout curtains were installed in their room – to ensure that no sunlight was able to penetrate while he was in occupancy.

Another male guest dialed reception asking them to dispatch a member of staff to his room so he could be tucked in before he went to sleep.

Almost as unusual was the hotel customer, a lady, who demanded that staff refer to her as 'Your Highness' for the entire duration of her residency - despite the fact she wasn't a member of the Royal Family.


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