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Tourists shocked over 'mid-walk statue' of flesh and blood
A living statue near Park Güell in the Spanish city has stumped tourists

The man stands stock still, despite being in a mid-walk pose

In recent years Barcelona has had to limit the number of living statues

have been scratching their heads in Barcelona recently over a new statue that has appeared near Park Güell - the famous park designed by celebrated Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí.

But in fact the 'statue' is not made of metal or stone, but is rather a living, breathing human being.

The man is a particularly good exponent of the brand of street artists known as 'living statues' who in recent years can be seen dotted around the world's cities.

Still street artist in Barcelona doesn't move a muscle

These 'statues' appear to be all too human and they are given away with a twitch of the nose or the blink of an eye.

However the Barcelona statue does not seem to make even the slightest tremble, in spite of being in an awkward 'mid-walking' pose.

In recent years Barcelona has limited the number of living statues to just 15 along the Ramblas as numbers had been getting out of control with tourists blocking narrow streets as they crowd around them.


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