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Be indulged at the award-winning Thalasso resort and spa in the Crete
Our town planners could learn a lot from the five-star Aldemar Royal Mare in Crete. It’s laid out like the most perfect miniature hamlet we’ve ever seen. Pretty poolside villas that peek out between the gently swaying palm trees, impeccably manicured lawns, lagoon pools, glamorous walkways, plenty in the way of outdoor activities, and at the heart of it all, a world-class thalasso and spa.

When it comes to accommodation, it's no wonder that the Aldemar Royal Mare was awarded a coveted TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence. From the soothing muted hues of the décor to the gorgeous turquoise pool, every attention to upscale luxury has been carefully considered. However, the real showstopper has to be the spa. A cobalt-blue oasis that’s been voted the World’s Leading Thalasso and Spa Resort four times since 2007.


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