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Hotel prices jump up to 58% as spring begins
LONDON - Hotel prices have increased across European cities this month – in some cases by as much as 58 per cent – according to the monthly trivago Hotel Price Index (tHPI) reported by comparison site trivago.co.uk. Travellers will pay an average of £10 more for their hotel room this month, with the average price per night jumping from £87 in March to £97 in April, based on the 50 most popular European cities on trivago.

10 Largest Month-on-Month European Hotel Price Increases

Seville has the largest month-on-month price increases, with prices up an average of 58 per cent from £66 per night in March to £104 in April. Also with large price increases are Venice (up 52 per cent to £172), Amsterdam (up 46 per cent to £147), Prague and Florence (both up 40 per cent to £57 and £88, respectively).

Among the most expensive cities this month are Monaco (average of £253 per night), Geneva (£190), Venice (£172) and London (£167).

5 Largest Month-on-Month UK Hotel Price Increases

Price increases in the UK are less pronounced but still significant, with prices up by 20 per cent in Bournemouth (to an average of £89 per night) and 17 per cent in Bath (£140 per night).

Denise Bartlett, UK Public Relations: “Although it is common for hoteliers to increase their prices during the summer season, it is unusual to see such large price hikes from one month to the next. In the UK, travellers can expect to pay up to an average of £20 more for their hotel stay (for example, in Bath), whereas overseas some cities are an average of £61 more expensive (Monaco).

Venice, Amsterdam and Prague (three of the UK’s most popular overseas destinations) are showing some of the largest month-on-month price increases, demonstrating how British travellers can save a lot if they are aware of these price hikes.


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