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FRAPORT: No security gap at Frankfurt Airport
Fraport (FRA) today categorically dismissed claims of a security gap at Frankfurt Airport published in a German newspaper article.
Frankfurt Airport is divided into three sectors: the publicly-accessible area, which includes the terminals and airport access roads; the operational area, which is equivalent to a private company’s premises; and the security-controlled area defined by the German Aviation Security Act (Luftsicherheitsgesetz). Flight operations are staged exclusively in the security-controlled area.

Following an extensive review of the claims in the reported case, Fraport has, in close cooperation with the security authorities, determined that the reporter at no time had access to the security-controlled area and was only in a landside cargo handling zone within the operational area. There is also no way that he could have gained access to the security-relevant area without having to first pass through a security check and show the necessary credentials. The so-called “hole” in the security fence described in the press report also does not exist. The review of the reported case has concluded that the measures put in place by Fraport to secure access to the airside area are effective and were not breached.

The security of the individual operational areas is the responsibility of the respective companies, whose focus is on the prevention of unauthorized access and theft. Nevertheless, the companies in question will thoroughly go through any issues addressed by Fraport in its report, because this is also in their own interests.

Fraport takes even the smallest of potential threats very seriously – safety and security are the highest priority. We kindly request any perceived or potential threats be officially relayed to the security authorities or to Fraport, so that appropriate action can be taken. This will allow us immediately to clarify and exclude any future misinterpretations right from the start.


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