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Germany: The land of targeted strikes against tourists
Germany became the land of strikes and unpredictability when it comes to travel and tourism.

Ongoing labor disputes at major airlines like Lufthansa or German Wings, airport and security workers, the railroad system or local transport crippled traffic in this West European EU country. Germany had seen it all recently.

Times are particularity vulnerable during school vacations, so strikers target to ruin well deserved holiday time for tourists and fellow citizen. Targeting travelers became the goal.

What was once the most reliable country in the world when it comes to punctuality is now downgraded to unpredictable.

Ground crew at Düsseldorf and Hannover airports launched a 'warning strike' on Wednesday morning, which is expected to last until 2:30 pm.

The union said that 90 percent of its 230 members at Düsseldorf joined the strike, mostly affecting check-in desks and luggage handling.
In Hannover 60 employees joined the walkout.

Eyewitness reports say this time no long lines or waits were the result out of this strike and the airports are functioning normal.


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