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Sport tourism Europe EHIC Services Ltd comments on the growing popularity of European football tourism
Following an in-depth report in the "Guardian" recently, it is apparent that more and more football fans from the UK are heading to the continent to experience a different side of the culture.

The report highlights how increasingly inflated prices in the UK are becoming less attractive to the average football fan. The comparison between the English Premier League and its continental equivalents, in financial terms, is stark for example, entry for an Arsenal game can cost a minimum of 65, whereas entry to see German champions Bayern Munich is a mere 15 euros.

As a result, the European football tourism industry is booming in Great Britain, as fans continue to choose matches in Bordeaux, Brussels, Barcelona and Berlin thanks to their low ticket prices and cheap accommodation costs.

While the report states that atmospheres abroad are less hostile for fans than those in the UK, a more lenient policy regarding standing zones and alcohol consumption is something that British fans may need to take into account when abroad. Without the right precautions taken, such as travelling with a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), medical care has the potential to be extremely costly.

A spokesperson for Europe EHIC Services Ltd, a company who provide assistance with the EHIC application process, has released a statement following the report. "It is understandable that, thanks to cheap continental flights and low admission fees, we are experiencing somewhat of a boom in the European football tourism market."

"However, these trips can turn into extremely costly ones quickly should tourists find themselves needing medical treatment whilst abroad without an EHIC. The different attitudes and cultures that are present within European football mean it is crucial fans are able to receive treatment as and when they need it, and at little or no cost. Unfortunately, if they are not in possession of an EHIC, this will not be the case for them."
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