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Macau, Hongkong or Singapore: Really? Why not Kuala Lumpur
Tourists traveling to Asia have a choice. They should know, Macao is the most expensive city in Asia, Hongkong is number two and Singapore is the third most expensive Asian city when it comes to lodging for traveler. This was revealed in a report released by GoEuro today.

A traveller can expect to spend $124 (US$94) a night for lodging in the Lion City. This figure pales in comparison to the $221 (US$168) that a traveller will need to shell out for a night in top-ranked Macau. Hong Kong came in third with $164 (US$125) per night.

Neighboring Kuala Lumpur is one of the cheaper destinations on the list, with travellers spending an average of $57 (US$43 per night), followed by Shanghai at $54 (US$41) per night and Bangkok at $51 (US$39) per night.

The report ranked 150 cities across the world in terms of tourist lodging affordability. On a global basis, Singapore is the 37th most expensive city for travel accommodation, while Macau is ranked third and Hong Kong is 15th.


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