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British Airways lets passengers pre-order inflight meals
LONDON, England - Following the successful trials of its pre-flight meal ordering service British Airways passengers in First, Club World and World Traveller Plus can now order meals on-line up to 30 days in advance with a 48hr cut off point. In fact all classes on the medium and long haul operations can request special meals at no extra cost, typically kosher, muslim and various types of vegetarian up to 24 hours before travel. They are not guaranteed.

The new pre-order facility will initially be available from 1 December, with booking starting on 18 November, on flights from Heathrow to Dallas, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Rio de Janeiro, Seattle and Vancouver. More routes will be added early next year.

British Airways biggest problem, common with other airlines who supply a similar service, is that passengers tend to forget what they have ordered or change their mind. This can mean the aircraft running out of certain items on a flight, and really no fault of the airline. However, unlike fellow oneworld airline Qantas, it is only available in the premium classes (see in this issue).


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