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World Travel Market explores the taxing issue of duty-free retail therapy
A debate at World Travel Market this year, hosted by Tax Free World Association, will look in detail at the duty free and travel retail industry, which is now worth over $60 billion in worldwide sales.

World Travel Market 2014 – the leading global event for the travel industry – is putting shopping in the spotlight in a seminar session exploring the importance of the duty free and travel retail market.

The session, Duty Free and Travel Retail: Serving Travel, Serving the Traveler, takes place on Wednesday, November 5, from 1100-1200 hours.

The sector is helping airports in particular fund vital enhancements to infrastructure and capacity, and remains for many travelers an integral part of the travel experience. Yet duty free and travel retail is an industry under constant pressure.

From the abolition of intra-EU duty free in 1999 through to the recent application of the so-called ‘one-bag rule’, the market is subject to sudden, imposed change that affects its ability to support the wider travel industry.

The session will also look at the issues it currently faces and why they matter to other companies in the travel chain. And it will suggest ways in which duty free retailers might profitably co-operate with companies in other sectors in order to improve the traveler’s experience and, ultimately, drive revenue for all.

Hosting the session will be Tax Free World Association conference, research and corporate affairs director, John Rimmer.

Representing 480 brand-owning companies active in the duty free and travel retail market, Tax Free World Association is the largest trade organization in the industry.

Rimmer will be joined by Frank O’Connell, former director of retail at Dublin Airport Authority (DAA), who now handles European retail affairs for the DAA on a consultancy basis.


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