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Kenya tourism announces value-added program for Magical Kenya Expo
The Kenya Tourism Board, now in the final run in towards the 2014 edition of the Magical Kenya Travel Expo, has now announced the added program components which will add value for the 150 hosted buyers, other invited guests, exhibitors, and participants in East Africa’s most important tourism trade expo.

The Expo, taking place at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre, is expected to draw thousands of visitors from across the region to update themselves on the latest developments in Kenya’s tourism industry, from the coast over the parks to the mountains and the lakes and the seminars available, free of extra cost which will no doubt enhance the entire trade fair experience.

Start quote:

Dear Travel Partner,

Greetings from the Kenya Tourism Board.

As you are well aware KTB will be hosting the fourth edition of the MagicalKenya Travel Expo from the 8th –10th October 2014. In a bid to enhance the overall expo experience, we have organized seminars on Tuesday, 7th of October, 2014, from 8.30 a.m. to 6.00 p.m., at the same venue as last year (Aberdare/Lenana Hall, KICC), a day before business days. This will be the second edition of the seminars after a very successful session in 2013, The theme for this year’s seminar will be: Learning, Solutions. Sharing Experiences. Collaboration. The inclusion of the seminars is to present a platform for you as a member of the Kenya Travel Trade and KTB partner to benefit from the presence of international presenters who will be sharing useful information on tourism trends. These speakers are considered authorities in their field of expertise as well as opinion leaders. The presentations will be followed by panel discussions from the Kenya travel trade and depending on the topic of discussion, presentations will be limited to 30 minutes followed by panel discussions.

There will be exciting topics which will span on various areas such as crisis management and recovery, market development and diversification, capitalizing on events, sustainability, domestic tourism, research, destination brand and product development. Specific topics and speakers are as follows:

• ‘Reinventing Kenya’s Tourism – Going beyond Nature’ - Dr Joseph Wadawi, Senior Lecturer, Centre for Tourism & Hospitality, Strathmore University

• ‘Is market diversification and new market development the key to tourism sustainability?’ - Amanda Hills CEO, Hills Balfour UK, Destination PR and Marketing Agency

• ‘Recovering in Turbulent Times – Managing the erosion of Brand Equity’ - Eran Ketter (PhD) - Researcher and Lecturer in tourism marketing at the University of Haifa – Israel and John Bell – Crisis Consultant, UK

• ‘Building County Appeal’ - Anita Mendiratta, Founder & Managing Director, CACHET Consulting – South Africa

• ‘Optimizing on the Domestic Market – Insights on Challenges and Opportunities’ – IPSOS KENYA & KTB

• ‘Attracting Visitors through Events – Success stories’ - Phil Harte , CEO, Harte International

• ‘Going East? Insights from the Chinese market as a potential source market’ - Pankil Shah, Senior Project Manager, FieldGlobal

The key intended target audiences will include the following:

• CEOs/MDs, Heads of Marketing and PR, Heads of Sales and Heads of Strategy from your respective institutions.



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