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The new tourist: Chinese and Russians travelling the world in greater numbers

WASHINGTON - With major shifts in wealth and economic influence worldwide come significant shifts in global tourism trends as well. For example, as the moneyed-classes in China and Russia continue to grow, the market for outbound tourism from China and Russia grows as well. This, according to exclusive data collected over the past year by One Hour Translation, a leading online translation agency. The data also revealed a significant uptake in the potential for inbound tourism to Brazil, following the success of the World Cup Games.

The data was collected from 7,500 translation projects initiated by tourism-related businesses such as airline companies, hotel chains, tourism agencies, and tourism websites worldwide. A significant portion of the translations were for tourism projects from popular destinations such as Western Europe as well as standard cruise vacation destinations.

"Based on our extensive translation projects in various industries, we are able to see market trends that others might not," said Ofer Shoshan, Chief Executive Officer of One Hour Translation. "As companies in any vertical look to grow their business and gain market share, we have a unique ability to guide that process through the work that we do over days, weeks, months and years."

Key findings include:
A 20% increase in translations of tourism related projects into Chinese indicates a desire to attract Chinese tourists.
A 25% growth in translations of tourism related projects into Russian indicates a similar trend towards Russian tourists.
A 65% increase in translations performed by tourism related businesses in Brazil, geared towards fans who attended the recent World Cup Games, and potential visitors to the upcoming 2016 Rio Summer Olympic Games. This increase points to potential business opportunities with travel-related companies in Brazil, such as hotels, airlines, car rentals and others.
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