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Frankfurt Airport: Limo will pick you up at your home
Imagine a limo driver arrives at the agreed-on meeting point right on time. You and your traveling companions are picked up in a Mercedes S-Class, VW Phaeton, or BMW 7 Series car or Mercedes van and chauffeured to the airport. Once there, a service guide takes care of your luggage and handles check-in while you relax over a free drink in a nearby bistro. The guide then returns with your boarding passes and escorts you straight through a special separate security checkpoint, bypassing the lines. On the apron in front of the terminal, another car waits to take you straight to your departure gate.

No, you are not dreaming. Now, there’s no longer any need for you to look for a parking space, haul suitcases, or wait in line at the check-in counter: the new “Home to Gate” service makes it even easier and more convenient to fly from Frankfurt Airport. You’re picked up at your home and taken all the way to your departure gate. You can take advantage of the “Home to Gate” service no matter which airline or class you’ve booked or which destination you’re heading for.

You can book the “Home to Gate” service for up to four persons who are leaving on the same flight. The per-person price of this new service depends on how far you live from the airport:

• Up to 20 km 229 euros
• Up to 40 km 249 euros
• Up to 80 km 299 euros

You can book the service online up to 48 hours before departure by going to www.frankfurt-airport.com. You pay by credit card after arriving at the airport. The price includes two checked bags and carry-on luggage.

The premium “Home to Gate” service is yet another module of the ongoing “Great to have you here!” service program that Frankfurt Airport launched years ago to introduce a host of improvements that enhance the experience of passengers and visitors arriving at, departing from, and spending time at Germany’s largest aviation hub. Frankfurt Airport welcomed more than 58 million passengers in 2013.

Source: Frankfurt Airport


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