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Rediscover the ship of dreams inside Titanic
ATLANTA, GA - To commemorate 29 years since the discovery of the RMS Titanic's wreck site, on Monday, Sept. 1, visitors are invited to remember, explore and learn about the famous luxury liner inside Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition. Featuring hundreds of authentic artifacts, dramatic room recreations and hands-on interactive experiences, the exhibition honors the lives and stories of the passengers and crew.

Headed by famous oceanographer Dr. Robert Ballard, Titanic was first discovered on Sept. 1, 1985, 2.5 miles below the ocean's surface off the coast of Newfoundland. Dedicated to preserving Titanic's legacy, Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition takes guests on an emotional journey through the life of the legendary ship. Along the way, visitors learn countless stories of heroism and humanity, paying tribute to the indomitable force of the human spirit in the face of tragedy. For more information about exhibition locations, hours and prices, please visit www.premierexhibitions.com.


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