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Modi: Clean and tidy environment will boost tourism
NEW DELHI, India - Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his maiden Independence Day speech has urged for all out national campaign to make cities, towns and villages of the country clean and tidy. In his hour-long speech from the ramparts of the historic Red Fort on nation’s 68th Independence Day, the Prime Minister, among various other things spoke extempore about Tourism and the government’s vision to make India a tourism friendly destination.

The Prime Minister said that the government wanted to promote tourism because the sector has got the potential to create and provide employment and livelihood to poorest of poor in the society including tea vendors, taxi operators, gram sellers, etc. However,the Prime Minister said that the filthy and untidy environment create bad impression about the country and our destinations. He urged people to unite and work towards making their surroundings in cities, towns, and villages clean. The new government has taken Cleanliness as a major mission for itself since taken office, he informed.

The Prime Minister also announced a four-year long campaign, Clean India, for this purpose which will culminate with the 150th birth anniversary in 2019. Cleanliness and sanitation were close to Mahatma ji’s heart, he informed.

The Prime Minister also urged the youth in the country to take active part in national building activities by acquiring necessary skills. Pronouncing the government’s openness in inviting new investments, the Prime Minister urged investors to ‘Come, make in India’.


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