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Obrigado Brazil: Tourism in Florida is booming because of you

2013 was a record year for Florida's tourism sector, with an impressive 94.7 million tourists visiting the state over the course of the year, according to Visit Florida. The figure marked an increase of 3.5% over the previous year and followed a trend that has seen Florida rocket to second place (beaten only by New York) in terms of annual international visitor volume.

The rising tourist numbers have done much to support Florida's economic recovery, with the impact of their expenditure flowing through into 2014. The latest figures from Washington Economics Group show a 6.4% increase in spending in the Sunshine State's tourism and recreation industry since last year. The industry as a whole generates something in the region of $70 billion of revenue annually, according to the American Security Project.

Brazilian tourists account for a large proportion of the growth in Florida's visitor numbers, as they did for many other US destinations over the course of 2013. Data from the US Department of Commerce shows a 15% overall increase in Brazilian visitors to the US from 2012 to 2013, while the Office of Travel and Tourism Industries is projecting a 50% increase in Brazilian tourists by 2018.

Florida's main markets for Brazilian tourist are Miami and Orlando. Driving these two Florida tourism markets for Brazilians are the beach lifestyle, plentiful high-end shopping and real estate opportunities of Miami, and Walt Disney World in Orlando for their kids.

Overall Brazil Tourism to U.S. to Increase 50 Percent by 2018


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