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First global air ambulance program for Chinese travelers launched
SHENZHEN, China - Whenever a medical emergency occurs, a Chinese traveling abroad only has to make one call to receive a medical evacuation and repatriation by a dedicated air ambulance jet safe and fast. This is no longer imaginary but a reality as China's largest air medical service -- Shenzhen Deer Jet Medical Co., Ltd. today officially kicks off its Global Air Ambulance Lifeguard Program (The Program) for outbound Chinese citizens and businesses. Being China's first to offer such services, DJM brings timely relief to the problem of emergency assistance deficiency amid escalating personal health and security risks faced by Chinese travelers and companies overseas for years.

Air ambulance programs are more popular in developed economies in Europe and America. The Program originating in China can cover more businesses and individuals at an affordable membership fee per annum. In case of emergency overseas hospitalization from sickness and incidents, the member will be promptly air-lifted back home with DJM's aircrafts and medical crews onboard. The member will be escorted to a home hospital to continue treatment and recover under the care of family members.

Chairman & CEO of DJM, Mr. Lu, Haikuan indicates, "Driven by surging number of Chinese traveling abroad in recent years, personnel health and security risks of these outbound travelers has turned into a significant problem calling for a solution! As a business entity with a strong sense of social responsibility, DJM was established to serve Chinese in need and offer life-saving air medical services for travelers. The introduction of the program brings us one step further toward the goal!"

According to official statistics, year 2013 alone records nearly 100 million outbound visits by Chinese nationals, and about 20,000 Chinese businesses have set up operating branches abroad. The master stream of the population flow is for international business, traveling and higher education.

Nonetheless, coupled with the surge in outbound travel is a worsening security situation faced by Chinese overseas. Exposure to natural disasters, war and turmoil, terrorism attacks and political avalanche at destination countries added to the increasing vicious incidents targeting Chinese nationals and businesses. In 2013, cases by outbound Chinese seeking consular protection numbered some 40,000 by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Demand for individuals' safety and health backup continues to rise, and Chinese businesses find themselves at times scrambling for timely and appropriate safeguard measures for their employees.

Mr. Haikuan Lu emphasizes that every year, DJM deals with many cases from individuals and businesses. However, due to the much higher costs of worldwide air medical transit, the new AA program DJM launches today will bring down the cost threshold for the outbound population, offering easier access to the service and saving more lives.

As the largest air ambulance provider in Greater China, DJM was established in 1998 and equipped with a globalized medical team and a 24-hour stand-by "ICU" air ambulance fleet covering worldwide destinations. In May 2014, entrusted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Deer Jet Medical completed evacuation of 16 heavily-wounded Chinese nationals in one sortie from unrests in Vietnam within 18 hours, which marked the single largest mass air medical evacuation in China as well as Asia Pacific over the years, with far-reaching influence in China's aero medicine history.


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